Hanover Township Recycling

8AM to 4PM

8AM to 4 PM

Third weekend of each month

Drop off Dates for 2008
18th and 19th
15th and 16th
21st and 22nd
18th and 19th
16th and 17th
20th and 21st
18th and 19th
15th and 16th
19th and 20th
17th and 18th
21st and 22nd
19th and 20th


Hanover Township shares the use of the recycling wagon with other neighboring communities. You can take your recyclables to the municipal buildings of these areas on the following weekends:


1st Independence Twp
2nd Raccoon Twp
4th Green Twp


Items We Accept

#1 Plastic Containers
#1 PETE (the number on the bottom of the bottle inside the stamped recycled emblem). Examples are: bottles for pop, cooking oil, juice, and jars of peanut butter, etc. Remove lids and discard with trash.
#2 Plastic Containers #2 HDPE (the number on the bottom of the bottle inside the stamped recycled emblem). Examples are: containers of milk and water, Cool Whip, laundry and cleaning products, juice, vinegar, automotive fluids, food tubs, and ice cream buckets. Remove lids and discard with trash.
Glass Clear, green, and brown beverage bottles and food jars. Remove lids and discard with trash. Metal rings must be removed also. Try not to break glass containers.  We cannot recycle window glass, crystal, light bulbs, ceramics, pyrex cookware or drinking glasses.
Steel Cans These include beverage and food cans, both bi-metal (pop cans that are part tin and part aluminum) and tin cans such as: soup and vegetable cans, paint cans (paint must be removed and dried) and aerosol cans.
Aluminum Beverage and food cans, pie plates and clean aluminum foil.
Sort Newspapers and Magazines Separately
Newspapers Must be bagged in paper shopping bags and kept dry. No junk mail, such as envelopes, writing paper, etc.
Magazines Must be bagged in paper shopping bags. We accept glossy-paged magazines and catalogs. We DO NOT ACCEPT phone books, TV Guides or Reader's Digests. Remove address labels from front covers of magazines and catalogs.  NO JUNK MAIL
No Plastic Trash Bags !
All recyclables must be in brown paper shopping bags, corrugated cardboard boxes or plastic containers which will be emptied and returned to you.
Bright green and yellow containers - called Abitibi Paper Retrievers® - are located behind the garage where residents can drop off their newspaper, magazines, shopping catalogs and mail. Please shred any personal information before placing in the Abitibi Container.
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